CBP A Players Performance 
Program  2022


Hello CBP Family, 


If you are reading this you are seriously interested in Plez's Performance Training, the same program that has helped over 150 student athletes earn collegiate roster spots! The same program in 2021 had 30 fall sports athletes win postseason accolades.  The same program, CURRENTLY has over 50 NCAA athletes on roster.


Coach Plez will be running his Winter A Player Program leading up to spring sports.

Both the High School & Middle School CBP programs are engineered to enhance athletic performance and capability in field sport athletes.   These total body program start from the ground up.  We start by creating a new foundation in mobility, stability, and resilience throughout the body, especially the foot/ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder complexes to ensure health and longevity. We then progress through elements of speed, strength,  jump training, explosion, strength, reaction, hand eye coordination, footwork, and core strength. 


LOCATION :    All sessions will be held at MAD FITNESS GYM 7450 New Technology Way suite C Frederick, MD 21703


Winter Sessions kick off November 28th

Kwik Kids Training (6-11 yrs old)

Kwik Kids is designed to expose young athletes to a wide variety of athletic principles. This training allows kids to unlock their potential athleticism at a young age while building their confidence.

Kwik Kids Price: $239

Days: T/Th - 5pm - 6pm (Drop-in $35)

Begins December 6


Kwik Kid Pillars

  • Footwork 

  • Fundamental Strength & Conditioning

  • Speed & Agility 

  • Balance

  • General Coordination

  • Reaction skills 

  • Core strength

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Competitive Drills

This class is created for elementary and beginner Middle school athletes.



This program is for the committed athlete that desires next level performance gains. The goal of this program is to separate from the competition, by maximizing athletic potential, and mitigating injury risk. 

A Players Program Pillars 

  • Post Season Rebuild 

  • Dynamic Control

  • Conditioning

  • Combine Performance Ready

  • Ground Force Production (Plyometric Training)

  • Speed Mechanics

  • Advance Strength and Conditioning 

  • Maximize Muscular Length-Tension Relationships

  • Spacial awareness

  • Sports Specific Reaciton 

  • Advanced Speed Training

High School Days:

M/W: Performance Training @ 7-8:30pm,

Saturday @ 9:15 -10:45

Middle School Days: 

 M/W @ 5-6:30pm,

Saturday @ 9:15 - 10:45

BSB Strength Training Class

"Bigger, Stronger, Better" Class is a pure strength and conditioning class. Programming in this class is for hypertrophy, or simply to gain size. We must move well as athletes, but we must look the part and have the  armor to protect us. Clients must have already possessed the basic fundamentals of lifting. You come to this class to get bigger. 

BSB Strength Training Days

Fridays @ 4:30


AOD Defensive Back Training 

Film Stud=y / Chalk Talk - 30 min


Defensive Back Drills / Mechanics 

Mobility  Stretching

T/TH: Defensive Back Training @ 7-8:30pm,

Saturday @ 11-12:

Ages : 11+













High School & Middle School

 A Players Performance Program

These sessions can only be used for AOD sessions.

This year I am offering three pricing options for training.  

Each pricing option gives you the ability to pick and chose from any of the above classes(A Players Performance, Bigger, Stronger, Better, or AOD).  

The only difference in package pricing is the frequency in which your child wants to train. The below pricing is a monthly recurring charge for the duration of the 3 month winter session (3 monthly payments).


PLEASE MAKE SURE...When registering your child for any of the programs, please fill in their information and not yours!  If you register yourself and not your child, it could hold up the training process. REGISTRATION LINKS BELOW.

*** No refunds or make-ups unless the trainer reschedules or cancels***