Hello CBP Family, 


If you are reading this you are seriously interested in CBP Winter II Training, the same program that has helped over 140 student athletes earn collegiate roster spots! The same program in 2021 had 30 fall sports athletes win postseason accolades.  Coach Plez will be running his Winter II Program blocks leading up to spring.


All sessions will be held at MAD FITNESS GYM 7450 New Technology Way suite C Frederick, MD 21703

Please find pricing and class descriptions below. Spots are limited, first come, first serve. Plez has information at the bottom of this letter. 

Your commitment is needed. These classes are non-refundable, The only classes made up are those rescheduled by the trainer due to specific circumstances. 



*** No refunds or make-ups unless the trainer reschedules or cancels*** 

Classes and Prices


  • Kwik Kids: $229 - Tuesdays/Thursdays - 4:15-5:15 (Drop-in $35)

  • Middle School Performance: $259 - Monday/Wednesdays - 5-6:30 (Drop-in $40)

  • High School Performance - $329 - Tuesdays/Thursday @ 6:30-8pm, Saturdays @ 9:45-11:15 am (Drop in $40)

  • Breakfast Club Elite- $349 - M/W/F 6-7:30am - Drop in $40 

  • Art of Defense Training  (Football Defensive Back Training) : $239 all 7 sessions , Drop in $40 (8th grade - college) Wednesday @ 7:30pm


Kwik Kids Training 

Kwik Kids is designed to expose young athletes to a wide variety of athletic principles. This training allows kids to unlock their potential athleticism at a young age while building their confidence.


Kwik Kid Pillars

  • Footwork 

  • Fundamental Strength & Conditioning

  • Speed & Agility 

  • Balance

  • General Coordination

  • Reaction skills 

  • Core strength

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Competitive Drills

This class is created for elementary and new middle school athletes.

Kwik Kids Price: $229 

Days: T/Th - 4:15-5:15 (Drop-in $35)


Kwik Kids Sign up Link HERE: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=745981&stype=40&prodId=218


Middle School Performance Program

This 2 day per week program is designed to help advance athletes from fundamental movers to skilled competitors. The goal is for the athletes to dominate in any sport and to be prepared to excel once they reach the HS level. 


CBP Middle School Pillars 

  • Stability

  • Foot control

  • Intermediate Strength Progression

  • Proper Lifting Mechanics

  • Posture / Hip alignment

  • Mobility / Functional Flexibility

  • Acceleration / Deceleration Training

  • Speed Patterning 

  • Loading Mechanics

  • Power Production

This class fits the pre-adolescent age group or inexperienced HS athlete.


Middle School Price: $259 - M/W - 5-6:30 (Drop-in $40)


Middle School Sign up Link HERE:



High School Performance Program

This 3 day per week program is for the committed athlete that desires next level performance gains. The goal of this program is to separate from the competition, by maximizing athletic potential, and mitigating injury risk. This class has an unlimited option and a 2 day per week option 

Days: T/TH @ 6:30-8pm, 

Saturday @ 9:45

Prices : Unlimited = $329, 2 days per week = $275

Sessions are 90 min - 2 hours long


CBP High School Pillars

  • Post Season Rebuild 

  • Dynamic Control

  • Conditioning

  • Combine Performance Ready

  • Ground Force Production (Plyometric Training)

  • Speed Mechanics

  • Advance Strength and Conditioning 

  • Maximize Muscular Length-Tension Relationships

  • Spacial awareness

  • Sports Specific Reaciton 

  • Advanced Speed Training

  • Competitive Edge


High School Sign UNLIMITED Package HERE:



High School 2 day per week package HERE. Can't make it all 3 days? Here's a better option.



AOD DB Clinics 

Rising 8th grade and up.

The Art of Defense Clinic is the best defensive back training academy around. This program is built to develop high caliber, playmaking defensive backs. Coach Plez’s DB training program builds elite, smart, aggressive, savvy, defensive players. 


AOD Pillars 

  • Defensive Footwork

  • Skills training

  • Alignment

  • Eye discipline

  • Stance and Start

  • Ball skills

  • Man Cov Technique

  • Zone Coverage Principles

  • Defeating blocks

  • Tackling Angles/ technique


This program is for athletes serious about the defensive back position and the skillset/mentality it takes to play the game at a high level.


Wednesdays 2/2 - 3/23 (7 sessions) : Wednesday @ 7:30pm-9pm

Price : $239 all 7 sessions , Drop in $40

High School Rising (8th grade - college) Wednesday @ 7:30pm-9pm


AOD Sign up Link HERE:



I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Please reach out to me with any questions. 



Coach Plez


Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!